Avatars in the Metaverse and the Web 3 Creator Economy
Source: VNCCII / LinkedIn
We have the power to shape our own reality. Life imitates art. The vision of the Open Metaverse is one of decentralisation, interoperability, and ownership over our own data and ...
A Serial Entrepreneur’s Predictions For The Metaverse In 2030
Source: Forbes
The next phase of the metaverse will be phygital. One argument I’ve heard many times is that the metaverse will never work because it deals with fiction—it’s placed in an imaginary land ...
Web3 has a diversity problem: Enter non-binary avatars
Source: Vogue Business
According to recent research, the ability to create avatars that represent one’s physical identity is more important than experimentation with fantasy or wearing new garments.
Women Jumping Into The Metaverse
“I wanted to start an NFT project, but Crypto is male dominated and has a very masculine look. I thought bringing in well-designed concepts would bring more women into crypto ...
NFTs: Top Female Metaverse Founders & Influencers
Research from Crunchbase revealed that only 9% of all funds deployed to technology startups went to founding teams that included at least one woman. Furthermore, the data showed that start-ups ...
Additional Support for Female Entrepreneurs
NatWest and Meta’s partnership offers crucial support to female entrepreneurs looking to boost the number of female businesses. More women than ever are starting up businesses and we must harness ...



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